Our first try at a club-wide virtual meeting was a HUGE success. We had 16, or maybe it was 18, participants. The uncertainty comes from two Rotarians who called in and the only information revealed on the meeting monitor was the phone number, and not the name of the participant, who may have also been on the streaming video. Mike Doyne joined in from Texas. Gene Ayers was in Chicago. Shirley Caylor was in Chesterton, IN. Don Parker was in Wanatah, IN, and Therese Knipe was in Griffith, IN. George Rogge suggested that Gene Ayers be fined for joining the group late.
Dorreen Carey gave an update on our Urban Farm, which though sitting in a low area, is above water despite the recent rains. Seedlings in the new greenhouse are doing well, though the recent cool weather has stymied some growth.
The issue of conducting our annual Installation Banquet on the last Monday of June brought forth some great ideas. Currently the plans are to conduct the event on June 29, 2020, beginning at 6:00 PM at our Urban Farm, with everyone bringing their own chairs, and their own drinks, as we gather around the garden/farm in a grand circle of sorts. Further details will be thought out by a committee of Shirley Caylor, Joyce Davis, Natalie Johnson, George Rogge, and someone else whom I am forgetting right now. But stay tuned ... more to come.
Our next virtual meeting will be on Thursday, May 21, beginning at noon. 
Use this link: https://zoom.us/join
In the Meeting ID space use: 2197183515  then Click on the Blue Join bar to log into the meeting.
Warren Johnson will be on about 10 minutes before that time.
Good idea to start the process a little before noon as you may need to figure out how to sign in, turn on the microphone, turn on your camera, etc.