At a recent meeting of the Gary Rotary Board of Directors, big steps were taken to begin the planning for the 100th anniversary of Gary Rotary. Gary Rotary received its charter from Rotary International in November, of 1921, which means on November 2021, Gary Rotary will have completed 100 years. To recognize this, the Gary Rotary Board has decided to sponsor three activities: a celebration event, a fund raising activity, and a community service project. Gene Ayers and George Rogge have agreed to chair the Celebration event committee. Warren Johnson and Shirley Caylor will lead the fund raising committee, and Jessica Renslow will head the community service project. Committees will be meeting to discuss and research opportunities for each activity and will present to the Board and to the club members suggestions for each of these activities. Selection of each activity to mark the 100 anniversary will take place at our annual installation banquet in June. EACH MEMBER OF GARY ROTARY IS ENCOURAGED TO THINK ABOUT ON WHICH COMMITTEE TO SERVE BECAUSE THIS WILL TAKE ALL OF US.