We had 17 participants in our ZOOM meeting of January 7. President Natalie asked three questions regarding National Bobble Head Day on January . #1, In which country did they originate ... answer ... Germany. Question #2, which sports team was the first to use one as a promotion ... answer .. New York Knicks. Question #3, Bobble Heads can cause a true disease .... answer ... True .... a head movement disorder of some kind.
Happy Bucks were contributed by Warren Johnson for President Natalie's trivia questions; Anthony Titus because both he and his wife are beginning a masters degree program in public safety; Eric Tonk so we would NOT sing in honor of his birthday; Gene Ayers for getting the holiday lights down from the South Shore Station; Dick Hagelberg for Eric Tonk helping him get his Sanitary District billing straightened out; Dorreen Carey for the results of the elections in Georgia; Joyce Davis just because she is happy; Natalie Johnson for her new pet; Wendel Carey for meeting up with Joyce's husband Bill recently; Zully Alvarado for the new technology which enabled her to communicate during the holidays with family in Ecuador; and Mike Doyne for the 17 participants in our meeting, noting this is larger than in person meeting attendance.
President Natalie noted to all members that a virtual Board of Directors meeting will be held Monday, January 25, beginning at 5:30. All members can participate.
Discussion  was held regarding participating in renovations and improvements at the Gary YWCA in observation of our 100 anniversary as well as that of the "Y".