At our December 19, meeting, upon motion by Eric Tonk, second by Dorreen Carey, and affirmative vote, the method to determine a winner of our drawing is changed to a two step process. Presently, each Rotarian attending a meeting contributes $2 to the drawing pool. One third of the total goes to the drawing pot, two thirds goes to the club treasury. Each member has a round name tag in our spittoon, from which a lunch guest draws a tag. If the person named on the tag is present, they receive the pot. If not present, the amount in the pot rolls over to the next meeting. Thus, a one step process.
The new process adds one more step. The Rotarian named on the tag drawn, if present, now must pull the queen of hearts from a standard deck of cards to receive the winnings. Since we have only 26 meetings in a year, and there are 52 cards in a deck ..... the dollar amount in the pot could get quite handsome.