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Service Above Self

First & Third Thursday of each month
Beach Cafe
903 Shelby St.
Gary, IN  46403
United States of America
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Rotary District 6540
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The 99th version of our annual dinner was a bit different this year. Gary Rotary's 99th annual installation dinner was to be held on June 29, 2020, in a rather unusual but none the less appropriate setting .... our Gary Rotary Urban Farm. However, due to the weather (heat and rain) the dinner was held in Lessard Hall of St. Mary of the Lake Church. The event was a BYOB ... everyone brought their own food and drink, but we used the tables and chairs of St. Mary of the Lake. 
Guests included Rotary wives Judy Ayers, Cheryl Hagelberg, Lorraine Orner, Sue Rutsen, Judy Tonk, and Rotary husbands, Bill Carey and Bill Doerscheln. Also attending were Carol and Rich Barnes, representing the St. Mary of the Lake Food Pantry, and Sue Rutsen, president of the Miller Community Fund. Dorreen Carey gave a report on the status of the Rotary Urban Farm, which is looking very good despite heavy rains in May. Produce has already been harvested from the Farm and distributed at the St. Mary of the Lake Food Pantry. Carol Barnes thanked the club for its support of the Food Pantry, both monetarily and with the fresh produce. She mentioned how many clients have been assisted (over 1,000) and how much food has been distributed. Sue Rutsen reported of the monetary contributions made to the club for the farm by the Miller Community Fund through an account established in the name of the Chapel of The Dunes for just such a purpose.
Perfect attendance awards were given to Paul Orner and Warren Johnson for one year of perfect attendance; Jack Tonk, 6 years; Eric Tonk and Joyce Davis, 7 years, and Gene Ayers 44 years.
Jack Tonk then installed Natalie Johnson as our president, Jason Harris as vice-president, Shirley Caylor as secretary, and Paul Orner as treasurer.
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