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Service Above Self

First & Third Thursday of each month
Miller Bakery Cafe
555 S. Lake St.
Gary, IN  46403
United States
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Rotary District 6540
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Home Page Stories
Our meeting for September 20, 2018 saw past two-time president Wendell Carey in attendance, finally off the road for a while. He did give the invocation, but paid the sergeant-at-arms Eric Tonk $2 for us to NOT sing Happy Birthday to him. Gene Ayers was fined for being late (imagine that). Happy Bucks were donated by George Rogge so he can reach the Paul Harris Fellow promised land and because a recent CT scan indicated NO cancer; Dick Hagelberg for an upcoming trip on the Doro River in Portugal; Rebecca Wyatt for trying hard to be happy with issues facing the Gary Common Council; Gene Ayers as a promotion for everyone to donate $5 at each meeting thereby reaching the goal of $100 for the Rotary Foundation per year; and Eric Tonk because he completed the 50 mile bike ride in preparation for the upcoming Apple Cider Century Ride.
Our speakers were Dan Foreman and Jim Wiseman from Reith Riley Construction Company who gave us details on road repairs in our area.
The $30 in the drawing went to Gene Ayers, and Rotary Tee Shirt mini prize went to George Rogge.
Heavy rains in September nearly wiped out our new Gary Rotary Garden. The garden is located on a former grade school football field which sits in a naturally low area. With no where to run off, the water from the several inches of rain sat for several days, basically drowning some of the plants. But not to fear ... some produce was saved and brought to the St. Mary of the Lake food pantry and some was given to the Crisis Center. 
Also distributed at the food pantry was produce from a farm of the family of Carla Herr, an Assistant District Governor assigned to our club. Rotary seems to be reaching everywhere.
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  • Donald Parker
    October 1, 2000
    18 years
  • John Roser
    October 1, 1977
    41 years
  • Joyce Davis
    October 19, 2006
    12 years
  • Carl Hunter
    October 20, 2005
    13 years
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